Lawn for new Log Home

Lawn for new Log home

Commercial Soccer Field

Commercial Soccer Field

Commercial Native Restoration

Native Restoration

1 month after seeding

1 month after seeding

Why Hydroseeding?

Advanced Hydroseeding mixes a proprietary blend of high quality seed, nutrients, mulch, water, and an organic tactifier (glue). For grass or turf applications, Advanced Hydroseeding uses a slurry with seed that is specifically formulated for the local Montana climate.

Hydroseeding is especially effective to control erosion and in situations that require growth more quickly than traditional seeding. Hydroseeding also can be applied on slopes that are inaccessible for sod or for traditional seeding. After application, the slurry retains an appropriate amount of moisture to promote quick seed germination.

You'll be mowing about 4 weeks after hydroseeding.

In addition to turf and grass, Advanced Hydroseeding has custom formulations for Indigenous Native Restorations, Wildflowers, Wildlife Food Plots, Dust Control, Golf Courses, and Schools and Parks.

Advanced Hydroseeding proudly works with Montana's Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to preserve our state's natural beauty.

Hydroseeding Sod Traditional Broadcast Seeding
Cost Low Material, Medium-low Labor High Material, High Labor Low Material, Medium Labor
How long until it is a lawn? 4 weeks Immediate 6 -8 weeks
Dust and Erosion Control Excellent Excellent Poor
Root depth Excellent Good (relocation shock) Good / Poor
Irrigation First Month Medium Low High
Time to apply Low Medium Low
Environmental impact Low High
(harvesting, shipping)
Fertilization and Feeding Medium Medium Medium
Hardiness Excellent Excellent Medium
Burn Risk Medium Medium High
Weed Resistance High High Low
Uniformity High High Medium
Slopes and Hills Excellent Medium Poor